Director of Finance and Administration

New Writing North - Job Description

Job Information


Job Title


Director of Finance and Administration


New Writing North Offices - Ellison Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Position in Organisation


Reports to

Chief Executive

Responsible for


Senior Finance and Administration Manager

Senior Manager Marketing and Communications

Budget accountability

Shares with the Chief Executive and Executive Team budget responsibility for overall company budget.

Overall purpose of the job


The Director of Finance and Administration will work as part of New Writing North’s Executive Team to support the development of company business by taking overall responsibility for finance, administration and reporting, governance, stakeholder management and operational matters such as accommodation, HR, and the management of New Writing North’s trading operations and major partnerships from a business perspective. The post line-manages the corporate side of NWN’s operations but we do not expect the candidate to have marketing expertise.

Responsibilities and Duties



% time

HR, Staff and Company development

Company Administration

Finance and Financial Reporting

Governance, Board support and Development

Trading activities and partnership management

Operational management







Duties required from each Responsibility


Responsibility #1 – HR and Staff and Company Development

  • Work with the Chief Executive and the board’s HR Sub-Committee where required to plan and deliver recruitment campaigns, appraisals and associated HR policies, frameworks and planning.
  • Plan and deliver staff development, training and professional development in relation to identified skills and company needs
  • Manage and run effective systems for company communication and staff engagement including staff away days and regular team meetings
  • Monitor and suggest updates to existing policies and identify and develop new policies where required
  • Ensure the effective management of human resources including the recruitment, supervision and development of staff and policies in this area
  • Maintain the organisation’s policies, ensuring they are up to date, consistent, approved by the Board and implemented effectively
  • Identify and communicate with reporting staff members all of the tasks and responsibilities that they are employed to deliver and monitor and review them responsibility on a frequent basis making an appropriate record
  • Carry out an annual appraisal with the reporting staff members


Responsibility #2 - Company administration

  • Work with the Chief Executive to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, including employment law, pension provision, charity law, company law, health & safety legislation and data protection
  • Lead and undertake the reporting required by major partnerships, funders and stakeholders
  • Work with the Executive Team and Chief Executive to support the administration and management of major partnerships and relationships, to include those with universities and commercial partners
  • Work with the Chief Executive to create contracts and agreements that further the aims of New Writing North and that protect our interests and IP
  • Ensure that payment schedules and contracts are reviewed and performing well
  • Provide budget support for the development of new partnerships
  • Maintain and develop effective networks and relationships with principal stakeholders and supporters
  • Line manage the work of the Senior Manager for Marketing and Communications to ensure that work data management, audience evaluation and data protection issues are being adequately managed and delivered upon.

Responsibility #3 - Finance and financial reporting

  • Oversee project, quarterly management and annual audit and accounting to ensure that financial processes and procedures are fit for purpose and serving staff, the board and external recipients to a high standard
  • Ensure that all necessary returns (Charity Commission, Arts Council England) are returned on time and to a high standard
  • Present financial information to the board and engage with the Treasurer to plan and deliver reporting
  • Manage and direct the work of the Senior Finance and Administration Manager
  • Work with the Treasurer to brief and update him/her on management accounts, annual audits and other relevant information.

Responsibility #4 - Governance and board support and development

  • Take on the role of Company Secretary
  • Provide appropriate reporting on the progress of the organisation and in matters relevant to the discharge of its funding and legal obligations
  • Manage the administration of the board and of board meetings, sub-committees, away days and associated reporting and special events
  • Service the needs of the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer and other board members as required
  • Ensure that all policies relating to board membership and operations are up to date, regularly reviewed and are fit for purpose
  • Assist the Board in identifying, recruiting, retaining and developing Trustees and working with the Board in line with established codes of good practice

Responsibility #5 – Trading Activities and Partnership Management

  • Work with the Executive Team and Senior Management Team to support bidding and fundraising by providing financial and administration contributions and expertise when requested
  • Work with the Chief Executive to provide financial and administrative support to trading activities and associated reporting and accounting
  • Oversee the signing and approval of contracts and agreements
  • Ensure that our Full Cost Recovery models are up to date and working

Responsibility # 6 – Operational Management

  • Work with the Executive Team on planning, financial forecasting and day-to-day workflow.
  • Lead on the delivery of company-wide meetings and communications
  • Ensure the company’s equal opportunities policies and practices are fully reflected in all aspects of its work
  • Take the lead on accommodation planning
  • Lead on digital developments and IT operations

Knowledge, experience and skills required to do job



Essential (required)


Desirable (optional)


A degree level qualification and experience to match that level of knowledge required for this role.

A Masters level business or leadership qualification.


Three to five years of experience of working as part of a senior or executive team to develop an organisation/business, or previous experience and skills that demonstrate that you are ready to take this step

Financial reporting and management skills gained within the arts, charity or public sector environment or persuasive transferable skills

Experience of managing HR and staff development

Experience of managing governance processes and working with a board of trustees in a charitable context.

Experience of resource development within the third/charity sector or persuasive transferable skills

Development or management of accommodation planning/managing buildings.

Experience of managing trading activities

Skills or knowledge

Ability to demonstrate a flexible and responsive approach to work.

A preference for working in a dynamic and creative business environment.

Able to plan and facilitate change with regards to business and operational processes and improvement.

Ability to work productively with a range of partners from different sectors (including HE, the arts and business)

A high level of written communication and interpersonal skills.